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before you get started

Before we get started with any project,it is mandatory that we conduct a briefing session to establish what is required and finalise a deadline to ensure that we not only meet, but exceed, a clients’ expectations.

WordPress is used by millions of comanies worldwide, and therefore there is a huge repository of free plugins, as well as preemium plugins which come with a license. These licenses are included in the billing of a project, and forthe lifetime of a project the clients will be billed for license renewal until the termination of the project.

For certain website packages, the client would have the option to choose from various templates which have been pre-designed with placeholder content. This is to allow the client to either write copy based on the design, or capture a general idea of what the wwebsite will look like.

Are you selling or marketing your services to other locations across the globe? Then we have a multilingual plugin that can assit with translation and other localisation services that wouldbe in accord to that specific region or country.

Ourlive chat support services are available through the WhatsApp messaging platform. For those who prefer a more private option, we also have a Signal and Telegram support chat. We are slowly integrating Moya Chat App as well, for clients who require a data-free option.

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koebani.media offers expert advice and services to any business, no matter how big or small. If you are a small business, then you get the most bang for your buck, because you have access to a team of specialists waiting to help your business grow, a strategic partner to guide you along the way and peace of mind knowing that your brand is in good hands.

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